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well its been 6 weeks since I left my partner to Saras, and the more the reality of what surprised me most, what he had done, was done, I had risked everything, and that fact when I was pregnant , would have a baby of mixed race, and a guy that I like, I'm sure that never happens again, so when I went to see her this weekend, was adamant that was not lost after nakedfunny all my partner is a good man, and we're still trying to have a baby. I was a little surprised, as to me at the station, and he was his usual arrogant self, in fact, the first words out of his mouth was the amount of black cock than he had since I was, I I had my first and last, and is not repeated, this just laughed and said that was closer was now a blk kids toys, and do not stop, I swear, if I can see I have the car Sara there and then, though not asked, always around this time and how much I liked it, and for some reasonI had to admit that there was an effect on me and he knew when he suddenly ran to the car and took me to kiss, I swear that every bone in my body told to push, but I could not take my response was, his hand moved to my superior, and soon had to stroke my bra up my chest and did nothing to stop him, he left his pants and found to his cock in my mouth blk to take my head to stop crying but I could not, it was as if someone else in my body, which he held to his head, and when you cum again I felt the warmth of my coat the tongue, as was nakedfunny emptied into my mouth, I swallowed the automatically adjusted his clothes and went to God, I had to see my obvious guilt, rather than even try to be friendly, he said sincerely, I hate you but love black cock than I wanted to overcome the second, but the fact that so much has been done as I wanted to deny nakedfunny it was true, then what is worse, he said it was betterwas on the pill, and I was going to use as your trash and empty the trash on me, like me, this nakedfunny guy is a pig, but a part of me knew he was telling the truth, and I could not help but have said, I said, you can not do, like Sara is my best friend, and he said you think she knows I fuck you then
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